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Lexar Professional 2000x UHS-II 32GB SD Memory Card Review

Lexar Professional 2000x UHS-II 32GB U3 SDHC Memory Card Front


The Lexar Professional 2000x UHS-II SD card is the fastest SD card offered by Lexar as of early 2015. UHS-II cards feature a new high-speed interface that operates at 312MB/s bus speed. The Lexar card claims a read speed of 300MB/s for the 2000x card. Currently there are only a limited number of digital cameras that support the UHS-II interface: Fujifilm X-T1, Samsung NX1 and Olympus OM-D E-M5 II. UHS-II cards are backwards compatible and operate at UHS-I speed in devices without UHS-II compatibility. In UHS-I mode the Lexar 2000x has a read speed of 95MB/s. The Lexar 2000x cards are available in 32 and 64 GB capacities. The 32GB version is tested here.

Lexar Professional 2000x UHS-II 32GB SDHC U3 Memory Card Back

To support the new high-speed UHS-II bus, a second row of contacts are located next to the standard SD contacts. These correspond with an extra set of pin in UHS-II compatible devices. A compact UHS-II USB 3.0 SD card reader is included with Lexar 2000x cards.

Lexar LRWM04U-7000


The Lexar 2000x card was tested in several card readers in addition of digital cameras. In memory card readers the Lexar 2000x came very close to its 300MB/s read rating, reaching 296.5MB/s in the included card reader. It measured an amazing sequential read speed of 272.6 MB/s in the same reader. It performed nearly as well in other UHS-II card readers. In UHS-I readers it is limited to UHS-I speed, but still posted very respectable numbers.

Card: Lexar Professional 2000x UHS-II 32GB 32 GB
Benchmark: CrystalDiskMark 3.0.3 x64
Program settings: 1000 MB, 5 passes, random test data
Operating system: Windows 8.1 Pro
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H
Processor: Intel Core i7-3770K @ 4.40GHz
RAM: 32GB DDR3 1600

Lexar Professional 2000x UHS-II 32GB 32 GB
Card Reader Benchmarks
Lexar LRWM04U-7000 UHS-II Reader296.501272.570258.6922.19313.1293205.32.345572.5
Lexar Professional Workflow SR2 UHS-II288.546268.693229.8822.27511.9392914.92.337570.5
Lexar Professional Dual Slot UHS-II Card Reader266.035250.406197.8772.27712.2572992.41.473359.6
Transcend Multi-Card Reader RDF9247.073232.294200.4762.06217.8214350.92.334569.8
Kingston FCR-HS4 Card Reader246.029231.142195.4742.31017.5854293.32.348573.3
Delkin Dual Slot SD UHS-II and CF Card Reader246.000232.629197.2852.06313.9253399.72.249549.1
Kingston MobileLite G4 UHS-II243.883229.775207.1052.39220.2524944.32.304562.6
SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-II SD Reader/Writer243.883230.380206.0482.27420.9195107.22.280556.5
Sony MRW-E90 XQD 2.0 / SD UHS-II Card Reader238.232221.569220.8812.06512.9963172.82.300561.5
Lexar Professional Dual Slot Reader94.62093.95892.2401.32512.5883073.31.988485.5
Transcend Multi-Card Reader RDF8 Black94.51793.84992.0411.43413.3413257.21.941474.0
Transcend SD Card Reader RDF5 Black94.27192.44390.4841.1558.5922097.61.709417.1
Lexar Professional Workflow SR194.23792.59890.6351.17212.4253033.41.999488.1
Delkin Travel Reader93.97592.18388.6411.18814.0533430.91.983484.2
Delkin Universal Memory Card Reader93.51493.29890.8771.04812.3883024.41.855452.9
SanDisk ImageMate All-In-One USB 3.092.10291.07880.8321.3396.2051515.01.584386.6
Kingston Multi-Card Reader FCR-HS389.62284.31163.7071.24616.2943978.12.031495.9

Testing with digital cameras is ongoing; the list below is updated when new cameras are tested with this card. So far it has provided the highest write speed measured in both UHS-II and UHS-I cameras.

Lexar Professional 2000x UHS-II 32GB
Tested in Camera
Write Speed
Nikon D500159.6
Olympus E-M1 II159.2
Fuji X-Pro2112.1
Olympus PEN-F90.4
Olympus E-M5 II82.3
Canon 80D81.5
Canon 5D Mark IV79.0
Nikon D720074.5
Nikon D550074.2
Canon Rebel T6i/T6s73.8
Nikon D710072.1
Canon 5Ds71.8
Fuji X-T1056.8
Sony A7R II36.6
Pentax K-3 II36.6
Sony A630035.2

Cameras tested with this card: Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon 5Ds, Canon 80D, Canon Rebel T6i/T6s, Fuji X-Pro2, Fuji X-T10, Nikon D500, Nikon D7100, Nikon D5500, Nikon D7200, Olympus E-M1 II, Olympus E-M5 II, Olympus PEN-F, Pentax K-3 II, Sony A7R II, Sony A6300

When downloading 4GB batches of RAW image files from the card, transfers measured around 250MB/s.

Lexar Professional series memory cards have a limited lifetime warranty.

Made in Korea.

The following table contains information encoded in the SD card.

Lexar Professional 2000x UHS-II 32GB SD — Internal Card Information
Serial number (PSN)2469902041
Product Name (PNM)
Product Revision1.0
Manufacturer ID (MID)0x000028
Manufacture Date (MDT)11/2014
Total capacity32,026,656,768 bytes


Want the fastest card available? The Lexar 2000x is the new card to beat. It surpassed all other UHS-II cards in benchmark and camera tests and also provided the fastest write speeds in UHS-I mode. All this performance does come at a cost, but it is currently priced much lower than the SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-II card and offers superior performance.

Available sizes and prices

Compare prices on the Lexar Professional 2000x card. The lowest prices are highlighted in the table below. Prices are updated daily.

$ / GB
AmazonB&H PhotoAdorama
Lexar Professional 2000x SD UHS-II32$1.72$54.95$54.95$54.95
Lexar Professional 2000x SD UHS-II64$1.43$107.00$91.82$91.82