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Review: Kingston Memory Card Reader FCR-HS3 USB 3.0

Kingston Memory Card Reader FCR-HS3 Angle

Note: An updated version of this reader is available: Kingston FCR-HS4.


The Kingston Memory Card Reader FCR-HS3 is a multi-format USB 3.0 card reader. It features slots for Secure Digital (SD, SDHC, SDXC), Compact Flash (Type I, Type II), micro SD (microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC) and Memory Stick (Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, Memeory Stick DUO, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick M2).

The red Kingston logo on top illuminates when a card is inserted and flashes in while a card is being accessed. The CompactFlash card slot operates smoothly and the card is inserts 3/4 inch which should help avoid bent pins. The SD cards slot also operates smoothly.

Kingston Memory Card Reader FCR-HS3 Front

The case features a combination of black brushed metal and high gloss black plastic. Beveled edges and a decorative honeycomb texture on top add some style. The build feels solid and durable. Two rubber strips on the bottom of the reader hold it in place when inserting cards. The included USB 3.0 cable measures approximately 40 inches long and should reach the back of most computers. The cable connects to the reader with a micro USB 3 plug.

Kingston Memory Card Reader FCR-HS3 Bottom

The packaging states the reader supports CompactFlash UDMA 0-6, however the newest version also supports UDMA 7. This can be confirmed by looking at the label on the bottom of the reader. If the revision number printed on the label under the model number is 9931980-001.A00LFA it supports UDMA 7.

The FCR-HS3 was not able to read the SanDisk Extreme Pro 256GB CompactFlash card. The card would work in the reader when formatted to 127GB capacity, however other devices could not read the card after it was formatted in the FCR-HS3. This reader may not support LBA48 addressing necessary for cards larger than 128GB.


The highest speeds were recorded using the Lexar Professional 1066X 32GB CompactFlash card, measuring 140.976 MB/s sequential read and 117.567 MB/s sequential write. The fastest SD card was the Extreme Pro 95MB/s UHS-I 32GB SDHC at 92.402 read and 83.926 write. These cards operate marginally faster in other readers.

Reader: Kingston Multi-Card Reader FCR-HS3
Benchmark: CrystalDiskMark 3.0.3 x64
Program settings: 1000 MB, 5 passes, random test data
Operating system: Windows 10 Pro
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H
Processor: Intel Core i7-3770K @ 4.40GHz
RAM: 32GB DDR3 1600

Kingston Multi-Card Reader FCR-HS3
Card Benchmarks
Lexar Professional 1066x 32GBCF140.976117.567
Lexar Professional 1066x 64GBCF140.957117.474
Toshiba Exceria 1000x 32GBCF140.67395.481
SanDisk Extreme Pro 160MB/s 32GBCF140.654114.862
Lexar Professional 800x 32GBCF139.55040.939
Transcend 1000x 32GBCF139.142115.762
Toshiba Exceria Pro 1066x 32GBCF138.737114.486
Transcend 1000x 128GBCF138.444101.068
Komputerbay 1066x 128GBCF138.189113.005
Lexar Professional 1066x 128GBCF137.554115.368
PixelFlash SuperSport 1000X-PRO 128GBCF137.482113.852
SanDisk Extreme Pro 160MB/s 64GBCF137.069111.337
Toshiba Exceria 1000x 64GBCF137.033102.380
Toshiba Exceria Pro 1066x 64GBCF132.933111.932
SanDisk Extreme 120MB/s 32GBCF122.51263.546
Kingston Ultimate 600x 32GBCF122.36960.918
SanDisk Extreme Plus 80MB/s microSD 32GBmicroSD92.41865.479
SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s 32GBSD92.40283.926
SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s 64GBSD92.28883.765
SanDisk Extreme Plus 80MB/s 32GBSD92.27259.898
SanDisk Extreme Plus 80MB/s 64GBSD92.11060.597
SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s microSDXC 64GBmicroSD91.74782.416
Kingston U3 90/80 MB/s 64GBSD91.48379.030
Kingston Class 10 UHS-I 64GBSD91.45171.424
Kingston U3 90/80 MB/s 32GBSD91.41982.409
Delkin Elite 633x 32GBSD91.33179.516
SanDisk Extreme 90MB/s U3 64GBSD91.30849.524
SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s microSDHC 32GBmicroSD91.28482.215
SanDisk Extreme 90MB/s U3 32GBSD91.22849.171
SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s 128GBSD91.18182.358
Samsung PRO 64GBSD91.17378.817
Toshiba Exceria Type 2 32GBSD91.15765.986
Toshiba Exceria Type 1 32GBSD91.15780.026
Samsung PRO 32GBSD91.10177.609
Toshiba Exceria Pro UHS-II 32GBSD90.88083.042
Kingston Ultimate 32GBSD90.85747.000
SanDisk Extreme Plus 95/90 MB/s microSD 32GBmicroSD90.73981.436
Delkin Black 32GBSD90.62978.953
SanDisk Extreme Plus 95/90 MB/s microSD 64GBmicroSD90.62982.112
Patriot EP Pro 90MB/s 32GBSD90.61347.323
Transcend 95/60 MB/s U3 64GBSD90.50464.444
Panasonic Gold 95/90 64GBSD90.38780.081
PNY Elite Performance U1 64GBSD90.34863.864
Lexar Professional 600x 64GBSD90.33265.084
Patriot EP Pro 90MB/s 64GBSD90.25442.056
Transcend R95 W85 U3 64GBSD90.22380.332
Samsung PRO Plus 64GBSD90.16978.669
PNY Elite Performance U1 32GBSD90.16938.371
Sony 95MB/s U3 64GBSD90.13080.499
Samsung PRO Plus 32GBSD90.12378.598
Sony 94MB/s 32GBSD90.11564.192
Transcend 600x 32GBSD90.11539.377
Lexar Professional 1800x microSD UHS-II 32GBmicroSD90.09977.363
Transcend 95/85 MB/s U3 32GBSD90.06180.629
Sony 95MB/s U3 32GBSD90.03080.215
Toshiba Exceria UHS-I Class 3 32GBSD90.03061.234
Toshiba Exceria UHS-I Class 3 64GBSD89.97659.871
Lexar Professional 600x 32GBSD89.87547.693
Delkin 1900x UHS-II 32GBSD89.82949.068
Lexar Professional 2000x UHS-II 32GBSD89.62284.311
Panasonic Gold Series 32GBSD89.27943.448
Lexar Professional 633x U3 128GBSD89.24865.299
PNY Elite Performance U3 128GBSD89.21864.691
Patriot EP Pro 128GBSD89.10441.779
Lexar Professional 633x U3 64GBSD89.10462.493
Transcend 633x microSDHC 32GBmicroSD89.03679.492
Gobe Magic 104MB/s 32GBSD88.99177.892
PNY Turbo Performance U3 microSD 32GBmicroSD88.97554.899
Transcend 95/60 MB/s U3 128GBSD88.93064.192
Transcend 600x 64GBSD88.90063.439
Gobe Magic 104MB/s 64GBSD88.90077.776
Lexar Professional 1000x UHS-II 32GBSD88.87075.145
Lexar Professional 633x U3 32GBSD88.86246.595
Lexar Professional 2000x UHS-II 64GBSD88.30983.432
Lexar Professional 1000x UHS-II 128GBSD87.65274.904
Transcend Ultimate UHS-II U3 64GBSD87.57180.902
Lexar Professional 1000x UHS-II 64GBSD87.40372.231
Transcend Ultimate UHS-II U3 32GBSD87.09180.050
SanDisk Extreme 90MB/s U3 128GBSD85.69678.551
SanDisk Extreme 80MB/s 128GBSD84.61779.516
SanDisk Ultra 80MB/s microSD 32GBmicroSD82.41617.936
SanDisk Extreme 80MB/s 256GBSD81.85678.894
SanDisk Extreme 60MB/s 32GBSD75.68254.997
SanDisk Extreme U3 microSD 32GBmicroSD74.34654.198
Lexar Professional 400x 32GBSD72.35143.618
SanDisk Extreme 60MB/s 64GBSD71.07152.587
SanDisk Extreme U3 microSD 64GBmicroSD68.33856.284
Lexar Professional 800x 64GBCF65.63068.935
SanDisk Ultra 50MB/s 32GBCF53.62537.390
SanDisk Extreme Pro 280MB/s UHS-II 32GBSD47.42143.116
Panasonic MicroP2 UHS-II 32GBSD47.41736.765
SanDisk Ultra 40MB/s 64GBSD47.18414.863
SanDisk Ultra microSD 64GBmicroSD47.18214.593
SanDisk Ultra microSD 32GBmicroSD47.18214.564
SanDisk Extreme 45MB/s 32GBSD47.18242.660
SanDisk Ultra 40MB/s 32GB Card 1SD47.17842.796
Samsung EVO 64GBSD47.03023.015
Samsung EVO 32GBSD46.97728.809
Samsung EVO microSD 32GBmicroSD46.95224.368
SanDisk Ultra 40MB/s 32GB Card 2SD46.75519.636
SanDisk Ultra 40MB/s 32GB Card 3SD46.74319.778
Toshiba NFC 16GBSD37.81213.174
Toshiba FlashAir II 32GBSD19.09013.057

Operating systems supported: Linux 2.6+, Mac OSX v 10.6.x +, Windows XP (SP3), Vista (SP1,SP2), Windows 7, Windows 8. The Kingston memory card reader has a 2 year warranty. Assembled in China.

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Card ReaderConnectionModel NumberPrices
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Kingston Multi-Card Reader FCR-HS3USB 3.0FCR-HS3$25.99Check priceCheck price

Note: This reader is discontinued as of mid-2015 and has been replaced by the Kingston FCR-HS4.