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Delkin Universal Card Reader Review DDREADER-42

Delkin Devices Universal USB 3.0 Dual Slot Card Reader DDREADER-42


The Delkin Universal Card Reader DDREADER-42 provides support for five memory card types: SD, microSD, CompactFlash, xD and Memory Stick. It supports CF cards up to UDMA 7 and SD, SDHC and SDXC cards including UHS-I.

Delkin Devices Universal USB 3.0 Card Reader card slots

The Universal reader has a grey plastic case . The card slots are recessed on one side of the reader. The blue LED on the top of the reader illuminates when reader is plugged into a USB port even with no card present. The light blinks when a card is being accessed. The reader measures about 4 by 2 1/4 by 3/4 inches.

Secure Digital and microSD card slots work smoothly. The CompactFlash card aligment tracks help guide the card and CF cards seat firmly onto the pins.

Delkin Devices Universal USB 3.0 Card Reader bottom

Four rubber feet on the bottom help to prevent the reader from sliding. The product name, model number and "Made in Taiwan" are molded into the plastic on the bottom of the reader.

Delkin Devices Universal USB 3.0 Card Reader bottom

The back of the reader has a USB 3.0 Micro-B port. The included USB cable measures about 36 inches.


The DDREADER-42 CompactFlash transfer speed using UDMA 7 cards was up to 156.6 MB/s read and 139.6 MB/s write. Secure Digital UHS-I cards measured up to 96.5 MB/s read and 93.5 MB/s write. The reader does not support UHS-II, but these cards operate in UHS-I mode and will work in the reader at UHS-I speed.

The microSD slot in the reader was limited to about 43MB/s read and write, however when microSD cards are used in an adapter in the full-size SD slot they provide better performance. It would appear the microSD slot does not support SDR104, while the full-size SD slot does. All microSD cards in the results below were tested using the full-size SD slot.

Reader: Delkin Universal Memory Card Reader
Benchmark: CrystalDiskMark 3.0.3 x64
Program settings: 1000 MB, 5 passes, random test data
Operating system: Windows 10 Pro
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H
Processor: Intel Core i7-3770K @ 4.40GHz
RAM: 32GB DDR3 1600

Delkin Universal Memory Card Reader
Card Benchmarks
Delkin Cinema 1050X 32GB Card 2CF156.644125.985
Lexar Professional 1066x 64GBCF155.207137.051
Lexar Professional 800x 64GBCF154.68074.669
SanDisk Extreme Pro 160MB/s 32GBCF154.657135.143
Lexar Professional 1066x 32GBCF154.066139.290
Komputerbay 1066x 128GBCF153.256136.196
Toshiba Exceria 1000x 32GBCF152.965114.112
SanDisk Extreme Pro 160MB/s 64GBCF152.720131.698
Transcend 1000x 32GBCF152.676129.646
Delkin Combat 1000X 32GBCF152.631132.547
Delkin Cinema 1050x 32GB Card 3CF152.343122.013
Transcend 1000x 128GBCF152.343133.526
PixelFlash SuperSport 1000X-PRO 128GBCF152.188129.183
SanDisk Extreme Pro 160MB/s 256GBCF152.056130.290
Lexar Professional 800x 32GBCF151.79245.678
Lexar Professional 1066x 128GBCF151.726139.605
Toshiba Exceria 1000x 64GBCF151.026118.617
Toshiba Exceria Pro 1066x 32GBCF150.722133.441
SanDisk Extreme Pro 160MB/s 128GBCF150.485136.587
Transcend 800x 32GBCF149.66840.542
Toshiba Exceria Pro 1066x 64GBCF146.674132.312
Kingston Ultimate 600x 32GBCF126.533112.629
SanDisk Extreme 120MB/s 32GB Card 2CF117.75183.499
SanDisk Extreme 120MB/s 32GBCF116.89869.035
SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s U3 V30 128GBSD97.78890.084
SanDisk Extreme 100MB/s A1 microSDHC 32GBmicroSD97.74271.215
SanDisk Extreme Plus 100MB/s A1 microSDXC 128GBmicroSD97.61589.683
SanDisk Extreme 100MB/s A1 microSDXC 64GBmicroSD97.54271.884
SanDisk Extreme Plus 100MB/s A1 microSDHC 32GBmicroSD97.47889.768
SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s U3 V30 256GBSD97.46989.676
SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s U3 V30 64GBSD97.39789.400
SanDisk Extreme Plus 100MB/s A1 microSDXC 64GBmicroSD97.38890.317
SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s U3 V30 32GBSD97.34390.216
SanDisk Extreme 100MB/s A1 microSDXC 128GBmicroSD97.31663.977
Lexar Professional 2000x UHS-II Rev B 128GBSD96.99288.622
SanDisk Extreme Plus 90MB/s U3 V30 32GBSD96.92066.801
SanDisk Extreme Plus 95/90 MB/s U3 V30 microSDXC 128GBmicroSD96.89390.324
SanDisk Extreme 90MB/s U3 V30 64GBSD96.87554.460
SanDisk Extreme Pro 300MB/s UHS-II 32GBSD96.79587.953
Sony M Series UHS-II 32GBSD96.75079.048
SanDisk Extreme 90MB/s U3 V30 32GBSD96.72353.496
SanDisk Extreme 90MB/s U3 V30 128GBSD96.68866.294
Lexar Professional 1800x microSD UHS-II 64GBmicroSD96.66187.571
SanDisk Extreme 90MB/s U3 V30 microSDXC 64GBmicroSD96.61670.711
SanDisk Extreme Pro 300MB/s UHS-II 128GBSD96.59888.577
SanDisk Extreme 90MB/s U3 V30 microSDHC 32GBmicroSD96.59870.965
SanDisk Extreme Plus 95/90 MB/s U3 V30 microSDHC 32GBmicroSD96.59890.817
SanDisk Extreme Plus 90MB/s U3 V30 64GBSD96.59866.140
SanDisk Extreme Plus 95/90 MB/s U3 V30 microSDXC 64GBmicroSD96.59892.377
Kingston Canvas Go! V30 256GBSD96.59082.106
Kingston Canvas React V30 64GBSD96.58183.346
Kingston Canvas React V30 256GBSD96.58182.409
SanDisk Extreme 90MB/s U3 V30 256GBSD96.58164.996
SanDisk Extreme Pro 170MB/s 256GBSD96.57289.225
Lexar Professional 1800x microSD UHS-II 128GBmicroSD96.56369.817
SanDisk Extreme 90MB/s U3 V30 microSDXC 128GBmicroSD96.55463.906
SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s microSDHC 32GBmicroSD96.53692.296
Lexar Professional 1000x UHS-II microSD 128GBmicroSD96.52757.731
AgfaPhoto Professional 64GBSD96.52782.793
Kingston Canvas React V30 128GBSD96.50182.964
SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s 64GBSD96.43092.549
Sony M Series UHS-II 128GBSD96.43073.605
SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s 32GBSD96.42192.581
Sony Ultra-High Durability Professional 64GBSD96.39469.845
SanDisk Extreme V30 A2 microSDXC 400GBmicroSD96.38588.885
SanDisk Ultra 80MB/s 32GB Card 2SD96.37620.576
SanDisk Extreme 90MB/s U3 32GBSD96.36849.287
SanDisk Extreme Plus 150MB/s 64GBSD96.33288.810
SanDisk Extreme Plus 95/90 MB/s microSD 64GBmicroSD96.31591.811
SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s microSDXC 64GBmicroSD96.29792.239
SanDisk Extreme Plus 80MB/s 32GBSD96.26161.486
SanDisk Extreme 90MB/s U3 64GBSD96.22649.670
SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s 128GBSD96.21792.247
SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s U3 32GBSD96.20091.747
SanDisk Extreme 90MB/s microSDHC 32GBmicroSD96.14748.485
SanDisk Extreme Plus 95/90 MB/s microSD 32GBmicroSD96.14792.134
SanDisk Extreme Plus 80MB/s microSD 32GBmicroSD96.12965.251
SanDisk Ultra 80MB/s 128GBSD96.09451.494
Patriot EP Series V30 A1 microSDXC 128GBmicroSD96.05074.441
SanDisk Extreme V30 A2 microSDXC 256GBmicroSD96.00688.877
Samsung PRO Select microSDXC 64GBmicroSD95.98888.540
SanDisk Extreme 150MB/s 64GBSD95.93666.458
SanDisk Ultra Plus V10 A1 microSDXC 128GBmicroSD95.91862.564
Toshiba Exceria Type 2 32GBSD95.84865.936
SanDisk Extreme Plus V30 A2 microSDXC 128GBmicroSD95.80488.257
Toshiba Exceria Pro N401 95/75 MB/s 128GBSD95.79576.299
SanDisk Extreme 150MB/s 128GBSD95.79588.757
Integral UltimaPro X2 UHS-II V90 64GBSD95.79582.280
Toshiba Exceria Pro N401 95/75 MB/s 128GBSD95.78776.210
SanDisk Extreme Pro 170MB/s 128GBSD95.78788.923
SanDisk Extreme Plus 90MB/s 32GBSD95.76972.410
SanDisk Extreme Pro 300MB/s UHS-II 64GBSD95.76088.242
Toshiba Exceria UHS-I Class 3 32GBSD95.75261.750
Sony SF-G 300MB/s UHS-II 64GBSD95.74393.315
SanDisk Extreme Plus 150MB/s 128GBSD95.74388.383
SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s 256GBSD95.72591.347
Sony SF-G 300MB/s UHS-II 128GBSD95.70893.265
Delkin Power 2000x UHS-II V90 64GBSD95.70879.486
Kingston U3 90/80 MB/s 64GBSD95.69086.395
Toshiba Exceria UHS-I Class 3 64GBSD95.69060.783
Delkin Power UHS-II V90 128GBSD95.68278.474
Polaroid Extreme Performance 95/90 MB/s 64GBSD95.67376.349
Sony Tough UHS-II 64GBSD95.67393.273
Kingston Canvas Go! V30 64GBSD95.66484.788
SanDisk Extreme Pro 170MB/s 64GBSD95.65688.660
SanDisk Extreme 150MB 256GBSD95.64789.180
Verbatim Pro II Plus UHS-II V90 64GBSD95.62982.215
Sony SF-G 300MB/s UHS-II 32GBSD95.59493.215
Delkin Prime UHS-II V60 64GBSD95.57773.937
Verbatim Pro Plus V30 64GBSD95.56876.094
SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-II 275MB/s microSDXC 64GBmicroSD95.53482.650
Toshiba Exceria Type 1 32GBSD95.51687.710
Panasonic Gold 95/90 64GBSD95.38688.264
Kingston U3 90/80 MB/s 32GBSD95.25689.584
PNY Elite Performance U3 64GBSD95.24768.454
Delkin 1900x UHS-II 32GBSD95.23949.592
Patriot EP Series microSDXC 64GBmicroSD95.22175.194
Lexar Professional 1800x microSD UHS-II 32GBmicroSD95.10076.994
Samsung EVO Select microSDXC 256GBmicroSD95.10089.233
Kingston Class 10 UHS-I 64GBSD95.05781.191
Toshiba Exceria Pro UHS-II 32GBSD95.02391.347
Samsung PRO Plus 64GBSD94.95488.472
Lexar Professional 2000x UHS-II Rev E 32GBSD94.92090.849
Sony M Series UHS-II 64GBSD94.90277.346
PNY Pro Elite microSDXC 64GBmicroSD94.89478.293
Delkin Black 32GBSD94.85973.584
Delkin Elite 633x 32GBSD94.85978.351
Toshiba Exceria Pro N502 64GBSD94.85193.107
Samsung PRO Plus 32GBSD94.81788.697
Samsung PRO U3 32GBSD94.79979.204
SanDisk Extreme Plus 80MB/s 64GBSD94.79960.720
Patriot EP PRO microSDXC 64GBmicroSD94.75778.164
ProGrade 250MB/s UHS-II V90 64GBSD94.73993.157
Samsung PRO Select microSDXC 64GBmicroSD94.66288.458
Transcend 500S V30 64GBSD94.65468.611
Transcend 95/60 MB/s U3 256GBSD94.63768.994
Patriot EP Pro 128GBSD94.62042.549
Transcend 600x 128GBSD94.61169.622
PNY Pro Elite 64GBSD94.61178.054
Transcend 95/60 MB/s U3 128GBSD94.59467.333
PNY Elite Performance U3 128GBSD94.55168.236
Samsung PRO Plus microSDXC 64GBmicroSD94.55188.197
Transcend 500S V30 128GBSD94.52668.944
Transcend 95/85 MB/s U3 32GBSD94.52689.210
Samsung PRO U3 64GBSD94.51778.363
Sony 95MB/s U3 32GBSD94.50987.542
Sony 95MB/s U3 64GBSD94.50087.688
Lexar Professional 633x U3 256GBSD94.50069.282
SanDisk Extreme Plus 90MB/s 64GBSD94.45872.341
PNY Turbo Performance microSDXC 64GBmicroSD94.44159.309
Transcend 600x 32GBSD94.43239.231
PNY Elite Performance U1 64GBSD94.39866.332
PNY Elite Performance U3 256GBSD94.38155.698
Transcend 600x 64GBSD94.38167.156
Transcend 95/60 MB/s U3 64GBSD94.38167.764
Transcend 633x microSDHC 32GBmicroSD94.36489.332
Transcend R95 W85 U3 64GBSD94.34789.104
Gobe Magic 104MB/s 64GBSD94.32288.667
PNY Elite microSDXC 64GBmicroSD94.31332.601
Samsung PRO microSDXC 64GBmicroSD94.31379.114
PNY Turbo Performance U3 microSD 32GBmicroSD94.30555.560
Gobe Magic 104MB/s 32GBSD94.28888.450
Samsung EVO Select microSDXC 64GBmicroSD94.28826.075
Transcend Ultimate 633x microSD 64GBmicroSD94.27188.182
Lexar Professional 600x 32GBSD94.27148.339
Lexar Professional 633x U1 64GBSD94.22928.769
Lexar Professional 633x U1 128GBSD94.22929.625
PNY Elite microSDXC 128GBmicroSD94.21228.964
Lexar Professional 633x U1 32GBSD94.20320.686
PNY Elite Performance U1 32GBSD94.16938.191
Angelbird AV Pro V90 64GBSD94.16992.729
Lexar Professional 633x microSDXC 64GBmicroSD94.13628.138
Transcend 500S 64GB Card 2SD94.06068.360
Hoodman Steel UHS-II 64GBSD94.05191.292
Patriot EP Pro 90MB/s 64GBSD93.99241.405
Sony 94MB/s 32GBSD93.99265.659
Silicon Power Superior Pro 128GBSD93.96767.298
PNY Elite-X microSDXC 64GBmicroSD93.96773.204
PNY Elite-X microSDHC 32GBmicroSD93.95077.420
Lexar Professional 633x U3 128GBSD93.95067.751
Lexar Professional 1000x UHS-II Rev B 32GBSD93.92576.622
Lexar Professional 1000x UHS-II Rev C 64GBSD93.90889.028
Patriot EP Pro 90MB/s 32GBSD93.90047.865
Lexar Professional 2000x UHS-II 64GBSD93.86693.498
Lexar Professional 2000x UHS-II Rev E 64GBSD93.85891.819
Lexar Professional 1000x UHS-II Rev C 128GBSD93.84179.269
Samsung PRO Plus microSDXC 128GBmicroSD93.74033.618
SanDisk Ultra 80MB/s 32GBSD93.72343.389
Lexar Professional 1000x UHS-II microSD 64GBmicroSD93.58152.658
Lexar Professional 1000x UHS-II 256GBSD93.56478.852
Lexar Professional 2000x UHS-II 32GBSD93.51493.298
Lexar Professional 600x 64GBSD93.19067.260
Lexar Professional 633x U3 64GBSD93.08368.329
AData Premier One UHS-II V90 256GBSD92.87790.857
Lexar Professional 1000x UHS-II 32GBSD92.84477.483
ProGrade 200MB/s UHS-II V60 64GBSD92.83589.760
Transcend 700S UHS-II V90 64GBSD92.79491.611
Lexar Professional 1000x UHS-II 64GBSD92.77875.748
Adata Premier One UHS-II V90 64GBSD92.76292.549
Transcend Ultimate UHS-II U3 64GBSD92.75391.014
Kingston Ultimate 32GBSD92.64747.150
SanDisk Extreme 90MB/s microSDXC 64GBmicroSD92.60643.524
Lexar Professional 1000x UHS-II 128GBSD92.51676.438
Lexar Professional 1000x microSD UHS-II 32GBmicroSD92.50852.013
Samsung PRO 64GBSD92.42682.669
Transcend Ultimate UHS-II U3 32GBSD92.41891.070
Lexar Professional 633x U3 32GBSD92.41048.568
Samsung PRO 32GBSD92.39481.728
Angelbird AV Pro V60 64GBSD92.20789.791
Kingston Canvas Select 64GBSD92.20723.892
Samsung PRO Select microSDXC 128GBmicroSD91.71584.576
Samsung PRO Plus microSDXC 128GBmicroSD91.24484.297
Toshiba FlashAir W-04 64GBSD91.02276.382
Lexar Professional 633x microSDXC 200GBmicroSD90.60536.757
Samsung EVO Plus 128GB microSDXCmicroSD87.72522.367
SanDisk Extreme 90MB/s U3 128GBSD85.58478.828
Kingston U3 90/80 MB/s 256GBSD85.41778.746
SanDisk Ultra 90MB/s microSD 200GBmicroSD85.11921.111
SanDisk Ultra 80MB/s microSD 64GBmicroSD84.82920.222
SanDisk Ultra 80MB/s microSD 128GBmicroSD84.63848.071
SanDisk Extreme 80MB/s 128GBSD84.48179.794
Kingston Class 10 256GBSD84.31147.514
Lexar Professional 633x microSDXC 128GBmicroSD84.29122.493
Samsung EVO Select microSDXC 128GBmicroSD83.81922.542
Panasonic Gold Series 32GBSD83.01643.804
SanDisk Extreme 80MB/s 256GBSD82.81379.263
SanDisk Ultra 80MB/s microSD 32GBmicroSD82.57217.586
SanDisk Ultra 80MB/s 64GBSD82.48119.047
SanDisk Extreme 60MB/s 32GBSD75.77555.226
SanDisk Extreme U3 microSD 32GBmicroSD74.83454.059
Lexar Professional 400x 32GBSD71.71243.698
SanDisk Extreme 60MB/s 64GBSD70.83152.690
SanDisk Extreme U3 microSD 64GBmicroSD67.88256.005
Kingston U3 (90/80) microSD 64GBmicroSD67.29464.035
Kingston U3 (90/80) microSD 32GBmicroSD66.83963.910
Kingston U3 90/80 MB/s 128GBSD63.16361.608
SanDisk Ultra 50MB/s 32GBCF50.53631.037
SanDisk Extreme Pro 280MB/s UHS-II 32GBSD47.55045.608
Panasonic MicroP2 UHS-II 32GBSD47.50536.717
SanDisk Extreme 45MB/s 32GBSD47.28945.254
SanDisk Ultra microSD 64GBmicroSD47.23315.388
SanDisk Ultra microSD 32GBmicroSD47.23114.671
SanDisk Ultra 40MB/s 32GB Card 2SD47.22719.552
SanDisk Ultra 40MB/s 64GBSD47.20316.121
Samsung EVO microSD 32GBmicroSD47.17424.521
Samsung EVO 64GBSD47.16323.941
Samsung EVO microSDXC 64GBmicroSD47.12123.695
Samsung EVO 32GBSD47.09929.978
Toshiba NFC 16GBSD37.43713.144
Delkin Devices Universal Reader DDREADER42 Package front Delkin Devices Universal Reader DDREADER42 Package back

Compatible operating systems include Windows 2000 (SP4), ME, XP, Vista, 7 and Max OS 9 or later. The Delkin Universal Reader has a five-year warranty.

Compare prices on the Delkin Universal Memory Card Reader reader. The lowest prices are highlighted in the table below.

Card ReaderConnectionModel NumberPrices
AmazonB&H PhotoAdorama
Delkin Universal Memory Card ReaderUSB 3.0DDREADER-42$16.75Check price$18.95